Winter walking in Scotland

On the weekend headed up to Scotland for some more personal winter walking. We had planned to do the popular C.M.D arete. Yet again we were beaten by the weather. Fresh snow had fallen through the night and there was still heavy snow showers and strong winds on our approach, this made for some great navigation practice. As with most winter days you need an early start, this had its draw backs as we found ourselves breaking trail in soft snow. We got to the C.I.C hut at the base of Ben Nevis a little later than anticipated. We had a quick snack and a drink and geared up for the long ascent of Carn Deag Meadhonach 1150m. Upon reaching the summit and checking the time, we agreed that we would be coming off Ben Nevis in darkness and heavy snow showers. The forecast had also given temperatures as low as -19 with the wind chill. We did not want to be caught out in those conditions. As frustrating as it was to turn back, it was for the best. Even returning the way we had come, we found ourselves doing the last bit of the walk in darkness, but at least we were not high up in the wind and the snow. Although we did not finish the intended route it was still a great day.

A couple of pictures we managed to take when the weather allowed.


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