Old Man of Stoer.

We left home at 5am Friday morning and it took us just over twelve hours to get to Clachtoll beach campsite. We set up the tent and got settled for the evening.
Saturday was going to be the big day, with good weather predicted, we were all pretty excited.


1The journey up to Scotland was long and tiresome, there are only so many games of eye-spy you can play.




2One of the most northerly public toilets!





3 We parked at Stoer lighthouse and started our walk to the old man.





4The weather was being very kind to us, even for September it still quite warm. And not too many midges.




5The Old man in the distance.





DCIM100GOPROAnother Old man.





8As luck would have it, there were two other climbers just starting as we arrived. This meant that we didn’t have to get wet setting up the tyrolean.




10Craig hauling his way across.





11Craig and Sid setting up the ropes ready to climb. We didn’t rush the climbing, so it took around two and a half hours top to bottom. The rock was very stable and rather clean, which made for a very enjoyable climb.



12After finishing the route, we headed back to the campsite with big smiles on our faces.





9Our very own campsite version of Coq au vin. Very well deserved.





DCIM100GOPROWe even got in a bit of swimming the next day.






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