More Winter walking in Wales

We decided that with the forecast for more snow and cold weather, we would take the chance and head up to Snowdonia, late Saturday night and have a full day out on Sunday. Our plan is was head to trinity face on Snowdon and try another route. The walk was hard work, carrying full winter kit and breaking trail in fresh snow but this was soon forgotten as we looked around at the amazing views on offer. We reached the bottom of the route and geared up. There is always a bit of uncertainty when starting a route, Are the conditions right? Will there be gear placements? What will we do if we can’t climb any further?
Well this was the position we found ourselves in. After completing the 1st pitch and starting the 2nd, the conditions just didn’t feel right for the the route. We decided the best plan was to abseil back down. We then met a couple of other climbers including a local guide, all of them had backed of their chosen routes.This confirmed we had made the right decision. We then decided to head up central trinity gully, again the route felt different to the previous week due to the conditions. We did make it to the top this time. We headed back down via the miners track, where we practised our ice axe arrest technique on some gentle slops. We learnt a lot about the conditions this weekend. But more importantly if something doesn’t feel right it’s probably not.

We will attempt to do this route again, but when the conditions suit.


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