Carneddau. 6.6.14

Friday 6th June, Tom, Craig and Sid headed up to North Wales to walk round the Carneddau.
We camped in the van over night on the Friday, then after a great breakfast at the Pinnacle café Saturday morning, we started walking.
The weather started off dull, and got a lot worse. After reaching the top of Pen yr Ole Wen, the sun came out and the cloud cleared, leaving some amazing views.
We set up camp not far from Carnedd Llewellyn. By the time we’d had tea and I nice cuppa, it was time for bed, 8.30pm.
After a pretty good nights sleep, except for the snoring, we got up for breakfast. Thinking we would have a quick snack, then head straight off, myself and Sid opted for the boil in the bag option. Unfortunately, Craig decided it was time to cook his sausages. There’s always one.
It stayed dry for the rest of the day, giving us plenty of time to head back to the van, then home




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